Welcome to Steve Bacon Family Counseling Inc

A family business located in Sequim, WA, Steve Bacon Family Counseling Inc has been helping families grow and mature into working, well-rounded, functional groups of individuals for more than 20 years. We encourage positive reinforcement in a structured environment to help build a foundation for your family. We can help restore communication, order and respect in your llife.

Happy Couple with Child on Grass

We Offer Assistance with:

  • Family Authority Issues
  • Communication
  • Event driven Depression
  • Child behavior and Discipline
  • Marriage, Pre-Marriage, & Couple Issues
  • Parent-Child Relationships

Get the Help Your Family Needs

If you are struggling with marital or family issues, please contact Steve Bacon Family Counseling Inc today. We welcome people of all faiths, cultures, and walks of life.

Steve Bacon Family Counseling Inc

416 East Fir Street
Sequim, WA 98382

Phone: (360) 683-9089


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Need Immediate Assistance?

If you feel that your family situation is in need of urgent help, or you’d just like to speak to us today, please give us a call.